Know the Various Types of Washing Machines

One of the main reasons why many housewives want to have washing machines is that they don’t have to worry about the weather. So that the clothes will dry faster even though it is in the rainy season because this washing machine has added advantages to help the drying process after the clothes are dried in the washing machine you only need to dry them for a few minutes, you don’t need hours, then the clothes can be immediately lifted and ironed or wear. A washing machine is a tool that can make it easier for you to wash clothes, washing machines have 3 types. The 2 tube washing machine has different functions; The first tube is used for washing and rinsing clothes. The second tube is used to dry clothes after washing. Don’t forget to take care of your washing machine with Washing Machine Repair Dubai.

The advantage of a 2 tube washing machine is that the price of a 2 tube washing machine is more affordable than other types of washing machines. It uses relatively less electricity because this washing machine is designed to be economical. The drawback of a 2 tube washing machine is that you have to spend energy to move clothes from one tube to the dryer tube after the clothes are washed, the washing process becomes 2 stages. The dryness level only reaches 70% because this washing machine has vertical rotating tubes so that the water cannot completely drop. Requires quite a lot of water volume, because if the washing machine is short of water, the washing machine cannot rotate, therefore the 2 tube washing machine requires the most water.

Meanwhile, the washing machine 1 Top Loading Tube. This washing machine is a development of the 2 tube washing machine, although it is still vertical, there is a reduction in the number of tubes. In this washing machine, there is only 1 tube which functions to wash and dry clothes in the same tube automatically, you no longer need to move laundry from one tube to another as happened in a 2 tube washing machine. The advantage of the top-loading 1 tube washing machine is the relatively lower electrical power. Practical because you don’t have to move the clothes from the washer drum to the dryer tube as it will be done automatically. This washing machine works automatically from filling water, washing, rinsing to squeezing the laundry.

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