This Is The Secret Of Anti-Leak Hot Bathtub

The problem that often arises from the bath is a leak. The existing solutions are often not effective due to errors in the application of the method. There is a perfect solution for your leaky hot bathtub. Meanwhile, if you simply want to avoid the bothersome repair process entirely, we suggest you only buy high-quality hot tubs.

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The method is easy, which is to be extra patient and spend less money to buy waterproofing coatings, fiber or fiber fibers, and a waterproofing mixture, especially for bathtub or pool walls with a rather rough inner stucco texture, it’s better not to be scolded yet. Mix the stucco mixture with the waterproofing mixture and wait for it to dry completely for about 3-4 days.

After the sterilization is 100 percent hard and dry, immediately coat it with a waterproofing coating on the entire inner surface of the bath. For the bottom edge and corner of the tub or a large enough cavity, you can use lint or fiberglass. Wait another two days until it feels completely dry, then repeat. After that, coat it again with a waterproofing coating.

Please note, if the plaster is not 100 percent dry, immediately coated, it will “sweat” (water) from the plaster. You can be sure, your work will be in vain. It’s good, wait two to three days again until the second layer of waterproofing coating is 100 percent dry.

Don’t forget, check the corner is completely dry or not. After that, repeat the rough plaster with the waterproofing mixture and wait for the plaster to dry completely. After the plaster is dry, stick the inner tiles using only cement and the waterproofing mixture as the adhesive.

After the ceramic sticks neatly, wait until it is half hard. Most importantly, the ceramics are firmly attached.

Next, fill the grout with a mixture of white cement (color) and a waterproofing mixture. Wait back 4-5 days and your bathtub is ready to use with extra quality.

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