You Must Know How To Prevent Crimes When Riding Online Taxis

There is a lot of news about an online taxi kidnapping attempt. To avoid bad things, we will share with you some tips that people can do, especially for ladies. Users of application-based transportation in big cities were shocked by the news of a ‘kidnapping’ attempt by fake online taxi drivers. Even though there are also stories where two parties decided to make peace, there are several things that can be learned from this incident. Now, to prevent these crimes from recurring, or to prevent ourselves from becoming victims, it’s good for us, especially for women, to know preventive steps to overcome these crimes. Furthermore, some criminals might be smart enough to make false evidence that can make victims look like the perpetrators. Therefore, we must prepare to defend ourselves when we are wrongfully accused, and we can do that by hiring the best Sydney criminal lawyer recommended site.

There are several things that women can do to prevent crime in taxis, especially online taxis, such as:

First, it is always the same as the driver data in the application, with the original driver who brought us.

The second step is to screenshot the driver profile and vehicle data. Just in case.

Third, be proactive in opening the conversation about driver profiles or asking and chatting about some simple things.

Fourth, make sure the driving direction is the same as the destination, if there is an alternative route, make sure we also know it (familiar).

Then the fifth step does not hesitate to reprimand if there are things that are odd or inappropriate.

Sixth, take advantage of the emergency button if the online taxi is available.

The seventh step is sending messages to relatives or friends if something strange happens. This method can also be done by providing the current location through the maps application, as well as the WhatsApp application which can tell the location directly (live location).

Finally, if any physical action takes place, open the glass immediately (if possible) for help.

Those are some tips for preventing crimes in online taxis. Although this info is brief, we hope it helps you to protect yourself better when you ride an online taxi on a daily basis.

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