Things You Shouldn’t Do After Exercising

Everyone has their own motivation to exercise, from adopting a healthy lifestyle to forming an ideal physique. Basically, exercise is only a part of the activities we do in a day, but our fitness can be influenced by other activities we do, especially after exercising. Some of the following specific things can reduce the optimal effect of exercise that has been done and have an impact on the quality of health and exercise that will be done next. You can try our herbal supplements for athletic recovery.

Delay eating Hunger after exercise is a sign that the stored nutrients have been reduced a lot because they are used to produce energy in the body, most of which is channeled to the skeletal muscles. The number of unused nutrients will not be sufficient to carry out the recovery process after exercise, so it is recommended to eat food after 15-30 minutes after exercising. If you wait longer or about an hour, it is likely that the muscle’s ability to grow and regenerate will decrease, especially if the food you eat is difficult to digest. Foods with protein (or whey protein is better) and simple carbohydrates are easier to digest, making them more effective for faster muscle recovery.

Eat too much and eat fatty foods Although it is recommended to eat food immediately, eating too much food after exercising can inhibit the loss of body fat. This is because eating too much will increase your daily calorie intake so that the calories used may still be less than what you have consumed. In addition, avoid consuming processed and fatty foods because, in addition to being high in calories, these types of food tend to be difficult for the body to digest and hinder the recovery process.

Postpone drinking Dehydration after exercise can cause you to feel tired or sleepy even though you have enough sleep. The body fluids lost after exercising need to be replaced because adequate body fluids are important for the brain to keep functioning optimally and to maintain the body’s electrolyte balance. If you exercise for less than an hour then make sure you get about 240 ml of fluid intake every 15 minutes, but if it’s preferable it is better to drink isotonic drinks.

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