Tips On How To Care For The Solder To Keep It Durable And Long-Lasting

Solder is the main weapon for electronic activists. Be it technicians, hobbies, students, or students who are pursuing electronics are required to have at least a soldering iron. Every activity to assemble electronic devices always involves this one tool. For you, learn more about soldering stations here.

Solder serves to melt the lead which will be used to attach the strip Pad to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with the component legs. The requirement for the tin to adhere to the pad and the component is that the tin must be liquid and the pad and feet of the component are hot. If not, the soldering results will not be optimal.

Here are some tips on how to care for the solder to keep it durable and long-lasting:

1. Always clean the solder eyes with Paste or Gondorukem The solder has a sharp tip which is commonly called a soldering tip. These solder eyes are made of copper coated with a kind of crystal to prevent corrosion. This soldering eye is used to melt the lead and glue the components to the PCB.

2. Use a soldering iron as its function The function of the solder is to melt the lead so that it can glue the trackpad with the component feet. But often soldering is used for other purposes such as perforating plastic and even for stripping cable insulation.

Of course, this method is not good for soldering eyes. The melted plastic will leave a scale that will stick to the solder heating elements. If left unchecked, this scale cannot be removed with solder paste.

3. Use a soldering iron 15 minutes after heating These tips are often overlooked. High power solders usually reach their ideal heat in a short time. Usually, the ideal heat for soldering is around 160 degrees Celsius. We recommend using a soldering iron when the heat is ideal. In ordinary solders that do not have a temperature indicator, the ideal heat will be reached 15 minutes after heating the solder.

4. Store the solder in a dry and not damp Solder eyes do have a protective coating against corrosion, but the outer layer of the heating element is just ordinary iron. Wet or humid air will cause this outer layer to rust.

We recommend that you store solder in the packaging as it was when you first bought it. Or store the solder in the toolbox or a dry drawer. Storing soldering outdoors can corrode the outer coating of the heating elements.

5. Do not hit or jolt the solder hard Solder has a heating element in the form of nickeline wire wrapped around a cylindrical tube. The electrically irrigated nickeline wire generates heat which is used to melt lead. This wire is very thin and fragile, aka it breaks quickly. So you should not hit the solder, or make a hard jolt because it can cause the nickeline wire to break or even short.

Those are some tips on how to care for the soldering eye to keep it durable. Since soldering is the main weapon for us electro activists, we should treat our solder well.

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