Blindness Due to Herpes Simplex Virus Infection

The blindness, in this case, was caused by infection with herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV-1). HSV-1 infection is transmitted by mouth-to-mouth contact and causes symptoms of multiple, painful, small canker sores. In people who have oral sex, HSV-1 infection can also cause complaints of thrush in the pubic area, especially in the vagina. Generally, HSV-1 infection will go away within one week. However, similar to the herpes zoster virus, HSV-1 also does not disappear from the body. This virus will hide and can return to activity when the immune system decreases. When HSV-1 reactivates, the symptoms can appear in the eyes. This symptom is usually an infection of the cornea of ​​the eye which is medically called herpetic keratitis. Patients will initially feel red and watery eyes, as well as blurred vision. If you want to know Herpesyl igredients, you can go to our website.

Infections that are not treated promptly will cause scar tissue to form on the cornea of ​​the eye and cause permanent blindness. Keep in mind, herpes keratitis is the most common cause of blindness in the world.

However, there are precautions that can be taken so that the eyes do not become blind due to this viral infection. To prevent herpes zoster infection, varicella (chickenpox) vaccination is recommended. The aim is to prevent chickenpox and herpes zoster infection. Meanwhile, to prevent herpes simplex infection of the eyes, avoid touching the eyes and the area around the eyes when experiencing thrush in the mouth or pubic area due to herpes simplex infection.

Immediately consult a doctor when seeing various symptoms that indicate herpes simplex or zoster. Doctors immediately take the best treatment to prevent the severity of the condition. For shingles, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately if you see symptoms. Especially if you’ve had chicken pox. So, the possibility of the virus reactivating will be even greater. Another thing that is no less important is to see a doctor if there are symptoms of herpes infection in the eye. This is so that you can immediately get the most appropriate and fast treatment. Thus, blindness due to herpes virus infection can be avoided.

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