Did You Just Lose Your Motorbike Key?

If you do not have a spare key, and the dealer where you purchased the motorbike does not cover the lock warranty, then the step you can take is to ask the locksmith to make a duplicate key. Even if the master key is lost, a trained locksmith can still make duplicate keys for your motorbike. The locksmith only needs a special tool such as a needle to stick it in the keyhole of your motorbike. Therefore, once you can start your motorbike, ask a locksmith to immediately make a duplicate key. This is so that when you lose the key again, you can still start your motorbike using a duplicate key. Duplicate keys are also important to reduce repair costs or call for locksmith services when you experience lost motorbike keys again.

Then, currently, several insurers have offered key loss claim services that can be used to anticipate losing your motorbike keys. By taking advantage of an insurance claim, you can get a new key without spending a dime. Losing a vehicle key is included in motor vehicle protection, so you can be free from all the expensive key replacement costs. Moreover, today’s key technologies are increasingly developing and advanced. For those of you who insure your motorbike, you can make an insurance claim that will help replace a lost motorbike key. However, this step takes a long time compared to directly using a locksmith service. The use of insurance claims will be very helpful when you lose your motorbike keys.

On the other hand, some motorbikes turn the engine on you don’t need a key. You can do this if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to call the locksmith home. However, this method is risky. If you want to do this, first try to cut the wire leading to the lock, then connect the two wires you cut and the motorbike will start. Now, after finishing using the motorbike for this emergency, immediately bring the motorbike to a locksmith and ask for a duplicate of the lost motorbike key.

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