Benefits Of Drinking Wine For Health

For those of you who love wine, you must be familiar with Pinot Noir, Cabernet, or Merlot. Good news for you wine fans or for those of you who frequently attend a wine tasting, it turns out that this wine fermented drink has many health benefits for the body. This is supported by some research evidence on the benefits of wine. However, before you decide to drink wine excessively, consider some important things that must be considered below. Interested in wine? See more at

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What are the health benefits of drinking wine?
Wine does have health benefits, but keep in mind that the benefits you get are only related to drinking it in moderation. What are the benefits?

1. Good for your memory and your brain
Believe it or not, wine has benefits to strengthen your memory. One study said that on the results of a memory quiz followed by 70-year-old women, those who drank one or more glasses of wine every day scored better than those who did not drink or drank only a little.

2. Maintain a stable weight
Research says that people who drink wine daily have a lower body weight than people who drink other types of alcohol. Wine drinkers in moderation have smaller waists and less belly fat than people who drink other liquor. The alcohol in wine can burn calories in your body for 90 minutes after you finish drinking. The alcohol in beer may also have the same effect.

3. Increase your immunity
A study in England shows that those who drink a glass of wine a day can reduce the risk of Helicobacter pylori infection by about 11%. These bacteria can cause gastritis, ulcers in the stomach, and stomach cancer. Even half a glass of wine can protect a person from food poisoning due to germs such as salmonella.

4. Protect from cancer
Researchers in Australia, quoted by the Health website, said that there is a comparison between women with ovarian cancer and women who are cancer-free. Researchers found a reduction in the risk of this disease by 50% in women who regularly drink wine in moderation.

5. Shaping bones for the better
On average, women who drank wine (of course, in a proper dose) had better body mass than those who did not drink it. Its alcohol content can increase estrogen levels, this hormone affects the formation of women’s bones.

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