Wall Street Was Mixed Last October, The S&P And NASDAQ100 Rose On The Back Of US Stimulus Talks

The majority of Wall Street’s major indexes rose at the end of trading Friday (23/10) amid negotiations of the US stimulus package. The S&P 500 index closed up 11.90 points or 0.34% at 3,465.39, the NASDAQ100 rose 42.28 points or 0.37% to 11,548.28. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 28.09 points or 0.10% to 28,335.57. During the week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.9%, the S&P 500 fell 0.5% and the NAS100 fell 1.1%. However, if you still believe in your luck in NASDAQ100, you can visit http://www.nas100brokers.com/ to hire US100 brokers.

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Gilead Sciences Inc shares rose 0.2% as the antiviral drug remdesivir became the first and only drug approved to treat hospitalized Covid-19 patients in the United States.

American Express Co shares fell 3.6% as third-quarter profit missed estimates after its customers spent less during COVID-19 fueling an economic slowdown and setting aside money for potential default payments.

Stock trading volume on US exchanges was 7.79 billion shares, averaging nearly 9 billion in the last 20 trading sessions.

On Saturday (24/10), uncertainty over the timeline of the stimulus package laws had weighed on Wall Street’s main indexes in recent sessions, with all three indexes posting week-long losses.

US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said it was still possible to get more Covid-19 assistance before the November 3 election, but that it was up to US President Donald Trump to act, including talking to reluctant Senate Republicans (approving the stimulus package) if he wanted it.

Trump and US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin denied that Pelosi had to compromise to get an aid package. Both said significant differences remained between Republican and Democratic governments.

Analysts said the market still believes a stimulus deal will be struck: The only questions are size and timing.

Meanwhile, a record of 50 million Americans voted, surpassing the initial voting total from the 2016 election.

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