Things to Avoid For a Bright Face

There are many internal and external factors that can trigger skin problems. Many women are sometimes not aware that the activities carried out can make the face dull. What are the things that should be avoided so that facial skin looks brighter? Before that, you can use supplements for glowing skin.

Do not clean your face before going to sleep. Do not underestimate the habit of cleaning your face before bed. After you have been active all day, there must be a lot of dirt, such as dust, pollution, sun exposure, and others that stick to your face. Facial skin that is rarely cleaned causes the accumulation of dead skin cells with dirt, oil, dust, sweat, and make-up. This can cause the face to become dull and even skin problems appear. Therefore, one way to keep your face bright is to regularly clean your face.

Do not use moisturizer or sun protection before leaving the house, you must already know that sun exposure can make your skin look dark and dull. Unfortunately, there are still many women who don’t use moisturizer or sun protection before leaving the house. Make sure to always use moisturizer and sun protection. If you only want to use a moisturizer, make sure the product contains SPF so that your skin will stay bright and avoid the bad effects of excessive sun exposure.

Not paying attention to the condition of the area around the eyes, many women do not pay attention to the condition of the eye area. In fact, the eye area also needs to be treated because it indirectly affects the appearance of your face. When your eyes feel tired, dark circles can appear, eye bags form, and your eyes look droopy. Use a special moisturizer for the eye area to keep moisture and reduce the appearance of dark circles. If you want to cover it up fast, just use a concealer.

They rarely use masks. Many women say they are lazy to use masks because they are considered less practical. Even though there are many benefits of masks that can be obtained, such as smoothing the skin to brightening facial skin.

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