This Massage And Mask Can Help You Deal With Sagging Cheeks

The path to pretty cheeks is not so easy, consider it right away. It is enough to do this exercise more than once, twice. They should be done every day for 20 minutes in the morning and the same amount in the evening to prevent or reduce the effect of sagging cheeks.

What are the results:

– tightens the skin without a knife,
– improves the color of not only cheek skin, but also chin skin,
– Preventing the formation of another fat fold.
These exercises are:

Other techniques can help get rid of sagging cheeks. This is a fairly powerful Japanese massage technique. It is used to rejuvenate facial and neck skin. Of course, the cheeks are raised during this massage.

Immediately it is necessary to warn that the hand movements with such a massage are quite intense. It can hurt. But it turns out to renew the skin, increase its elasticity, and improve blood circulation. All of this will give you an updating and even rejuvenating effect.

How to get rid of bulldog cheeks with exercise?

The bulldog’s cheeks are cheeks that sag from below. In this case, the exercises should be performed exactly as they were aimed at the bottom of your cheeks. Here are some of them:

– cover your lower lip with the upper lip, and vice versa – and 10 approaches,
– raise your face, open your lips slightly, while trying to bring the lower lip to the nose – also 10 times,
– open your mouth, spread your lips forward, and give kisses up to 10 “kisses”.

Do you want to tighten your cheeks and improve your face shape? Then make your egg white mask. Separate from the yolk beat gently, use a whisk for this purpose. If your skin is dry, add a spoonful of honey. If it is oily, it is better to put the steamed oat flakes in the mask. Done! Now apply the product all over the face, except for the eyelid zone, wait for it to dry – this will take about ten minutes. Now wash it off with contrasting water. Warm-up first, then chill.

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