Where Should You Use a Watch? Wristwatch on the Right or Left Hand?

Apart from earrings and necklaces, watches are known to be the most widely used accessories for women. Not only as a timepiece, watches are now used to complement the style with a variety of contemporary models that also follow fashion trends. As is well known, fashion and women are a unity that cannot be separated and complement each other. Therefore, women often try to combine various items and accessories they have to support their style in daily activities, one of which is the best watches for women. Even so, the matter of wearing a watch is not just a matter of style. There are several things that you must pay attention to when you want to use a watch August Berg.

Should it be worn on the left hand or right hand? Some think that usually, men wear a watch on the right wrist. As for women, it’s the opposite. So, what about left-handed people? There are no truly binding rules on this issue. Although one school of belief discusses it. In this belief, it is stated that if a watch is used as a time marker, it is worn on the left. When used as jewelry, then the right hand is the choice.

Another opinion states that initially, the watch was designed to be worn on the left hand. That’s why the clock is placed next to the number three instead of nine. So, it doesn’t matter whether you want to wear the watch on the right or the left. If you want to add accessories to complement your appearance style, it is advisable not to be too crowded. If you want to add a bracelet, wear a bracelet or two. The reason is, the watch itself is a form of jewelry. Either right or left hand, but if you wear it loosely it means you have a slightly lazy personality. However, you are also a very outgoing person who has many circles of friends.

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